Asper Ci Ripresa Flu 10 bs

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Asper Ci Ripresa Flu 10 bs


Very fine powder for a delicious drink suitable for the whole family to counteract the cooling. Concentrated mix of natural Vitamin C, Cat’s claw, Acerola and Elderberry with South African geranium Pelargonium sidoides that strengthens the natural defenses, has a fluidifying action, relieves states of tension and brings energy for a faster return to school or work.


Active ingredients in 2 stick packs: Cat’s claw bark dry extract 100 mg 3% Alkaloids, Acerola fruit dry extract 100 mg 50% Vitamin C, Elderflower fruit dry extract 40 mg, Pelagon-P70 (Pelargonium sidoides DC. root dry extract) 20 mg.

How to use

pour one sachet of powder into about 100 ml of warm or room temperature water. From 3-5 years: we recommend taking half a sachet a day; from 6-11 years: we recommend taking one sachet a day; from 12 years to adult: we recommend taking 2 sachets a day.