Caffe’ Verde Dren 500ml

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Caffe’ Verde Dren 500ml


Specifically formulated to promote detoxification, essential to reactivate metabolism and to improve the results obtained with a low-calorie diet. Some ingredients have a drainage action that allows to redefine the silhouette promoting the elimination of excess fluids and metabolic toxins.


Active ingredients in 20 ml: Inulin 500 mg, Green Coffee seeds dry extract 300 mg 50% Chlorogenic acid, Ortosiphon leaves dry extract 50 mg 0.1% Sinensetina, Hawkweed grass dry extract 30 mg 1% Vitexin, Pineapple stems dry extract 30 mg 0.1% Bromelain, Dandelion root dry extract 20 mg 2% Inulin, Artichoke leaves dry extract 20 mg 6% Chlorogenic acid.

How to use

we recommend taking 20 ml a day diluted in 500 ml of water or other liquid, to drink preferably during the morning.