Collagen Bar Arancia Ciocco 40 gr

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Collagen Bar Arancia Ciocco 40 gr


Hydrolysed marine Collagen bar with a high digestibility and bioavailability enriched with Magnesium and dried fruit with high nutritional and satiating value, formulated for the well-being of skin, muscles, bones and joints. It is a practical snack that slows down skin aging and provides greater energy and muscle strength during the day and before a sporting event.


Active ingredients in 40 g: Date paste* 50%, Fig paste, Peptan®-hydrolyzed collagen from fish 12.5% 5 g, Candied orange 3,75%, Chocolate* 3.75%, Magnesium citrate 2.5% (Magnesium 150 mg 40% VNR). * ingredients of biological origin