Curcuma Drink 240 ml

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Curcuma Drink 240 ml


All the benefits of Turmeric in a pleasant and concentrated drink with natural orange flavor to be taken during the day. Exclusive formulation with Cavacurmin®, Turmeric extract that has a high bioavailability, and Resveratrol for the maximum antioxidant function. Furthermore, Resveratrol protects the active ingredients of Turmeric from oxidation to guarantee the maximum stability.


Active ingredients in 20 ml: Cavacurmin® (Curcuma longa (turmeric) L. rhizome dry extract, Gamma-Cyclodextrine) 125 mg titrated 15% Curcuminoids, Turmeric rhizome dry extract 125 mg titrated 95% Curcuminoids, Polygonum roots dry extract 40 mg titrated 98% Resveratrol. Total Curcuminoids 137,5 mg.

How to use

10 ml of the product 1-2 times per day, it can be taken pure or diluted in water, preferably between meals.