Difes-x Lattoferrina Spray 30ml

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Difes-x Lattoferrina Spray 30ml


Oral spray based on Lactoferrin enriched with Vitamins D and C which strengthens the body’s defenses and exerts a barrier effect by binding to external agents and counteracting their spread along the airways. It has a sublingual administration for a rapid absorption and a greater bioavailability and it has a pleasant orange taste, easy to administer even to children.


Active ingredients in 1,5 ml: Lactoferrin from cows’ milk 50 mg, Vitamin C 80 mg, Vitamin D3 10 mcg.

How to use

spray directly in the mouth and repeat throughout the day. Shake the bottle before use. For children 3-10 years: 2 spray 3-4 times a day; after 10 years and for adults: 3 spray 4 times a day.