Echinutra Extra Forte 30cps

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Echinutra Extra Forte 30cps


ECHINUTRA EXTRA FORTE is a product with Echinacea, a native plant of North America and Mexico, that has always been known for its beneficial qualities to promote the natural defenses. ECHINUTRA EXTRA FORTE promotes the natural defenses with a highly concentrated formulation.


Active ingredients in 1 capsule: Echinacea root dry extract 70 mg 4% Echinacoside, Wild rose berry dry extract 64,3 mg 70% vitamin C, Echinacea root dry extract 50 mg 4% polyphenols, Uncaria bark dry extract 40 mg 3% Oxindole alkaloids.

How to use

1 capsule per day with a bit of water is recommended.