Fertilive 30 Cpr

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Fertilive 30 Cpr


Specifically formulated to give to both partners the basic nutrients during the preconception period for the physiological performance of the reproductive functions: it supports spermatogenesis, it promotes hormonal regulation and supports cell division. It brings also new energy to the couple, promoting the vitality and well understood in times of stress or in the presence of physical and mental tiredness.


Active ingredients in 1 tablet: Maca root dry extract 160 mg 0,5% Beta-ecdysone receptor, Zinc citrate (Zinc 12.5 mg), Vitamin E 9 mg, L-methionine selenium (Selenium 83 mcg); Vitamin D3 3.75 mcg, Vitamin B6 1.05 mg, Folic acid 400 mcg, Vitamin B12 1.875 mcg.

How to use

recommended daily dose 1 tablet a day.