Ginseng Estratto Koreano Rosso 30gr

Ginseng Estratto Koreano Rosso 30gr


“Red Ginseng” is obtained by spraying and drying Ginseng of 6 years without removing the peel. The quality is determined by the head of the rhizome, the ratio between main root and lateral roots, the color of the bark and the morphology of the internal structure. This product is a concentrated extract of Korean Red Ginseng 100% pure, obtained by a cold extraction process, with a characteristic flavor and aroma.


Active ingredients in 1 measuring cup: Korean Red Ginseng root extract e.m. 1 g 18% Ginsenosides.

How to use

1 or 2 measuring cups of pure extract, to dissolve slowly in the mouth or to dissolve in a hot drink. Honey or sugar may be added as desired.