Marvinia 10 Salviettine Intime Monouso

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Marvinia 10 Salviettine Intime Monouso


Soft, delicate tissues – an excellent aid for intimate hygiene when normal cleansing with water is not possible. They are especially useful during period and when going to places where a risk of infection exists (swimming pools, gymnasiums, beaches, etc.). Especially useful when away from home, when travelling, convenient to keep in your handbag, practical in any situation, the formula has been developed to respect the skin’s natural acidity and guarantees the correct amount of hydration and freshness. Treatment with tissues may be repeated several times during the day.


Aloe vera gel 10%, extracts of Camomile 0.5%, of Mallow 0.5%, of Propolis 0.1%, of Witch hazel 0.5%, of Calendula 0.5%, of Iceland moss 0.5%, Grapefruit seed 0.1%.

How to use

to be used as an alternative to intimate hygiene with liquid cleansers, rinsing is not necessary.