Menokal Dren The Limone 200ml

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Menokal Dren The Limone 200ml


Concentrate made of 15 vegetal extracts that help lose weight in a pleasant and tasty way. Thanks to the metabolic, draining, purifying and anti-hunger action, it allows to regain a feeling of lightness, reducing waist, toning legs and combating cellulite.


Active ingredients in 10 ml: Pineapple fruit dry juice 1130 mg, Psyllium tegumentum seminis powder 339 mg, Mouse ear grass hydr. extract 135.6 mg, Guarana seeds dry extract 113 mg, Green tea leaves dry extract 101.7 mg, Asparagus root hydr. extract 93.79 mg, Gamboge tree fruit dry extract 84.75 mg, Bearberry leaves hydr. extract 76.84 mg, Nettle leaves hydr. extract 76.84 mg, Birch leaves hydr. extract 56.5 mg, Couch grass rhizome hydr. extract 56.5 mg, Cola nuts seeds dry extract 33.9 mg, Dandelion root dry extract 29.38 mg, Fennel fruits dry extract 22.6 mg, Coleus root dry extract 22.6 mg.

How to use

we recommend taking 10 ml per day to be diluted in 250 o 500 ml of water, taken preferably throughout the morning.