MenoKal Lineadren 10fl 10ml

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MenoKal Lineadren 10fl 10ml


It is recommended at each seasonal change, especially after the winter or at any time when you need to eliminate the excess water and excess fat; it helps the body to find tone, balance and health. It stimulates general metabolism and fat metabolism and it fights the abdominal bloating.


Active ingredients in 1 phial: dried pineapple juice 1130 mg, Psyllium powderd plantain cuticle 339 mg, Pilosella leaves ext. 135,6 mg, Guaranà seed ext. 113 mg, Green tea leaves ext. 101.7 mg, Asparagus root ext. 93.8 mg, Garcinia fruit ext. 84.7 mg, Nettle root ext. 76.8 mg, Ursina grape leaves ext. 76.8 mg, Birch leaves ext. 56.5 mg, Couch grass rhizome ext. 56.5 mg, Cola nut ext. 33.9 mg, Dandelion root ext. 29.3 mg, Fennel seeds ext. 22.6 mg, Coleus root ext. 22.6 mg.

How to use

The recommended dosage is of 1 phial a day, undiluted or preferably diluted in approximately 1 quart of water to be consumed during the day.