Nutra Junior Cosm.Olio Purissimo 200ml

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Nutra Junior Cosm.Olio Purissimo 200ml


It cleanses and nourishes newborn’s and children’s delicate skin, easily predisposed to reddening, rashes and cradle cap. It preserves the delicate equilibrium of the skin and it strengthens its natural defences. It is also recommended for the neonatal rub.


vegetable oils mix (Sweet almonds, Sunflower*) 98%, Calendula lipo-soluble extract* 1%. *Raw materials of biologic origin

How to use

pour 1 spoon of product in the bath water and then cleanse. It can also be used with a small bandage to clean the most sensible parts before the bath or directly on the skin rubbing gently until it is completely absorbed.