Osteoformula 60cpr

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Osteoformula 60cpr


It is a dietary supplement of Calcium and Magnesium with Vitamin D3, B, C, K and Horsetail, useful to support the tropism of the bone at any age. It favors the maintenance of normal bone countering demineralization and remodeling that cause excessive fragility.


Active ingredients in 2 tablets: Calcium Carbonate (Calcium 375 mg), Magnesium hydroxide (Magnesium 200 mg), Horsetail grass dry extract 240 mg 2% Silicon, Vitamin C 40 mg, Vitamin D 50 mcg, Vitamin B6 3 mg, Vitamin B12 3.5 mcg, Vitamin K 100 mcg, Folic acid 200 mcg.

How to use

it is suggested to get 2 tablets a day to be swallowed with a good sip of water.