Oxy Redox 30 cps

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Oxy Redox 30 cps


Formula rich in typically Mediterranean antioxidant and photoprotective molecules, developed to protect skin and eyes from the harmful action of free radicals developed during exposure to the sun. Its effective ingredients are useful throughout the year to promote the well-being of the skin, the formation of collagen, the health of the cardiovascular system and the general well-being of the body.


Active ingredients in 1 capsule: sweet Orange fruit dry ext. 100 mg, Lycopene 5 mg, Vitamin C 80 mg, Rosemary leaves dry ext. 50 mg 10% Terpenes - 5% Carnosic Acid, Marigold dry ext. 50 mg 20% Lutein, Astaxanthin 1 mg, Vitamin E 12 mg, Niacin 16 mg, Grape seeds dry ext. 15,79 mg 95% Proanthocyanidins, Vitamin D 5 mcg.

How to use

take 1 capsule a day, swallowed with a sip of water preferably far from meals. If prolonged exposure to the sun is planned, it is recommended to take the product 2 weeks before and for the duration of the exposure.