Phytogambe Crema-Gel 200ml Maxi Formato

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Phytogambe Crema-Gel 200ml Maxi Formato


Is a health and beauty programme to be followed every day to stimulate the physiological well-being and natural beauty of your legs. It’s based on precious vegetal extracts rich in vitamin P, tannin and anthocyanins. It’s rapidly absorbed and immediately gives a sensation of relief and pleasing freshness for those moments when your legs and ankles feel heavy, tired and swollen. The PHYTOGAMBE treatment is especially helpful for those who tend to have legs that feel heavy or tend to swell during the spring and summer seasons and for those who have to spend many hours of the day standing or sitting.


extracts of Tepezcohuite 4%, Horse chestnut 3.5%, Butcher’s broom 3.5%, Witch hazel 3%, Hydrocotyl 3%, Red vine 2%, Ginkgo biloba 1.5%, Bilberry 1%, Sweet Clover 1%. WITHOUT PERFUME

How to use

To be used at any time during the day or before going to bed. Apply the gel on legs with a light massage. Massage with both hands starting from the lower part of the leg and moving upwards until all the gel has been absorbed. This product can be used several times during the day; it is especially effective after a shower where a spray of cold water is applied for a few minutes.