Top Line Man 90cpr

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Top Line Man 90cpr


It is a dietary supplement that promotes the activation of the metabolism, supporting the reduction and the control of body weight. It contrasts the inesthetism that alter the waistline, helping to achieve optimal fitness with good muscle definition. Thanks to the energy-stimulating action, it also improves manhood and brings vigor to the whole organism.


Functional ingredientsm in 2 tablets: Inulin-fructoligosaccharides 289,34 mg, Guarana seed dry ext. 223 mg, Cocoa seed dry ext. 200 mg, Mate leaves dry ext. 200 mg, Cola seed powder 184 mg, Sea-kelp tallus dry ext. 150 mg tit. 0.1% Iodine, Damiana leaf dry ext. 105,8 mg, Maca root powder 69 mg, Rhodiola root dry ext. 23 mg tit. 5% Rosavin, Bitter orange immature fruit dry ext. 23 mg tit. 6% Synephrine.

How to use

the recommended dose is 2 tablets a day preferably after meals, taken with a glass of water.