The volleyball team Farmaderbe Villa Vicentina in in B2

Promotion to B2 is arrived for our girls Farmaderbe Villa Vicentina, protagonists of a division C championship  that has seen them always at the top and always winning.

Farmaderbe has always associate the values of welfare, innovation and attachment to the land to attention on young people which manifests itself concretely in support of sport.

For over 10 years, in fact, Farmaderbe is sponsoring the women’s volleyball team of Villa Vicentina (Udine). Recently we also support some Friuli football teams: the football club Udinese Futsal A5, the local football team “chicks” and some sports events for youngs, such as running for Haiti, scheduled for Sunday, May 24, 2015 in association with non-profit organization Onlus “pane condiviso”.

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