Total Aloe S.O.S. Spray Lenitivo 75 ml

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Total Aloe S.O.S. Spray Lenitivo 75 ml


Effective lenitive formula, packed in a practical spray easy to use also away from home, created to quickly answer to every application of help launched by the skin. It quickly opposes the itch and it gives an immediate relief to the skin reddened, dehydrated and exposed to aggressive external agents (like sun, wind, insects), favoring the rapid rebalance of its moisture.


Pantenol, Betaine, Aloe, Calendula, Ialuronic Acid, Allantoin.

How to use

uniformly vaporize on the parts to treat, maintaining a distance of about 10 cm; leave it dry without rubbing. Repeat the operation as many times a day as needed.