Fiale Apivital 30 flaconcini da 20ml

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Fiale Apivital 30 flaconcini da 20ml


Dietary supplement rich in high biological components useful in case of excessive physical and mental fatigue, for those who need a boost of energy, children and school-age adolescents. It improves physical and mental performances and it reduces stress.


Active ingredients in 1 phial: Honey 1,5 g, Pollen ext. 830 mg, Propolis ext. 210 mg, Lyophilised Royal Jelly 210 mg, Soy Lecithin 100 mg, Wheat germ oil 100 mg, Dogrose fruit ext. 100 mg.

How to use

the recommended dosage is of 1 phial a day, undiluted or preferably diluted in a glass of water.