Projected into the future

Projected into the future

Farmaderbe follows the evolution of the market and the needs of its customers in real time, to support the search for a more natural lifestyle with targeted high-quality solutions.

The customer at the centre

Our priority is to make the age-old knowledge of phytotherapy accessible to today's users, offering on the one hand effective plant extracts reworked in a modern way and on the other offering correct information through the main means of communication. In an increasingly fast and standardized world, we want to encourage dialogue and listening, not only with the points of sale but also with end users, to concretely help consumers build their own personal health path.

Tailored experience

Flexible and dynamic, we are able to quickly grasp both current trends and targeted needs on a small scale, in order to respond promptly to customer requests who can use our know-how to successfully promote their business. The collaboration of the sales staff, the presence of an internal graphic office and the constant training of the staff allow us to build an ad hoc commercial proposal around the customer, to help him differentiate himself from the competititors.


We provide a wide range of tools to support sales through the creation of window signs, counter and floor displays, technical folders, information brochures for the final consumer, product samples, advertising campaigns on major national weeklies and specialized magazines, and we are actively present with captivating interventions in the world of social networks. A 360-degree active communication strategy to accompany the customer in the effective promotion of their products.