Iriderbe Plus 30 cps

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Iriderbe Plus 30 cps


IRIDERBE prevents eye fatigue, it facilitates visual function and adaptation of twilight vision. It helps to protect the eye from visual stress and from the continuous attack of free radicals that can damage this delicate structures. It is useful to motorists, sportsmen and students and also to preserve the health of the eyes during intense solar radiation exposure.


Active ingredients in 2 capsules: Bioflavonoids from citrus fruits 120 mg, Lutein 30 mg, Bilberry berries dry ext. 120 mg, Zinc gluconate (Zinc 9 mg), Vitamin E 20 mg, Astaxantin powder 400 mcg, Copper citrate (Copper 720 mcg). This product contains soy derivatives.

How to use

take 1 capsule per day with an abundant draught of water.