Amido Fresh Bagno Doccia Shampoo 300ml

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Amido Fresh Bagno Doccia Shampoo 300ml


AMIDOFRESH fluid body wash thanks to its starch and vegetable surface active based dermoprotective formula, cleanses the skin delicately, maintaining the hydrolipidic balance and physiological pH unchanged. It is particularly suitable for the day-to-day cleansing of sensitive skins, frequent washes, sport activities, excessive perspiration, personal hygiene, after swimming and prolonged sun tanning, as well as a delicate shampoo for all types of hair.


rice starch 10%, rice extract 1%.

How to use

apply AMIDOFRESH body wash directly on moist skin, massaging delicately, or pour it on the bath water. Thanks to its properties, it can also be utilized as a standard shampoo simply spreading a knob of product on the hair and massaging the scalp for three minutes, then rinsing it.