Collagen Drink Active 295 gr

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Collagen Drink Active 295 gr


Powder formulation based on bioactive peptide of collagen of porcine origin with high bioavailability, with natural active ingredients selected to promote the strength and endurance of musculoskeletal system. Taken regularly, it supplements the diet with nutrients useful for maintaining the physiolgic functions of muscles, nervous system and joints, preserving the integrity of connective tissues.


Active ingredients in 14 g: bioactive Collagen peptides TENDOFORTE® 7g, Orange juice powder 2,5 g, OptiMSM® (Methylsulfonilmethane) 1,5 g, Magnesium citrate (Magnesium 154 mg), Membraflex® (egg shell membrane) 150 mg, Acerola fruit d.e. 80 mg tit. 50% Vitamin C, Melon fruit d.e. 50 mg tit. Superoxide dismutase (SOD) 1 IU/mg, Manganese bisglycinate (Manganese 1,7 mg), Copper bisglycinate (Copper 1,1 mg).

How to use

we recommend taking 14g of product (equal to 2 measuring cups) a day, to be dissolved in a glassful of water (ca. 150 ml), preferably away from meals.