Euphoria 30cpr

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Euphoria 30cpr


Food supplement based on ingredients with a tonic and energetic action, that has a positive effect on the sexual sphere and on the harmony of the couple. Historical formulation enhanced with the addition of Zinc which contributes to normal testosterone levels. It is and ideal complement even in case of psycho-physical stress.


Functional ingredients in 2 tablets: Maca dry extract 360 mg 0,5% Beta ecdysone, Ginseng dry extract 240 mg 5% Ginsenosides, Muira Puama dry extract ¼ 200 mg, Small Caltrop dry extract 200 mg 40% Saponins, Arctic root dry extract 200 mg 3% Rosavin, Damiana dry extract ¼ 160 mg, Catuaba powder 150 mg, Guarana powder 150 mg, Ginkgo biloba dry extract 120 mg 24% Ginkgoflavonoids, Zinc oxide (Zinc 15 mg).

How to use

The recommended dosage is of 2 tablets a day.