Fiale Nutra Maximum Complex 20fl 10ml

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Fiale Nutra Maximum Complex 20fl 10ml


A formula rich in vegetal extracts useful to support the body’s physiological functions during mental and physical activities. Fenugreek is involved in various metabolic and muscle processes; Red Cinchona is useful in case of poor appetite or weakness due to convalescence, while Blueberry helps in case of vision problems.


Active ingredients in 1 phial: Honey 2 g, Ginseng root dry extract 300 mg 5% Ginsenosides (15 mg), lyophilized Royal jelly 250 mg, Schisandra fruit dry extract 150 mg 1% Schisandrine (1,5 mg), Dog Rose fruit dry extract 128,6 mg 70% Vitamin C (90 mg), Blueberry fruits dry extract 70 mg 1% Anthocyanidin (0,7 mg), Fenugreek seeds dry extract 70 mg, Red Cinchona bark dry extract 70 mg.

How to use

it is suggested to take 10 ml (1 vial) a day, concomitantly with a meal, pure or diluted in water or in another liquid. Shake well before use.