Garcinia Body Slim 500 ml

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Garcinia Body Slim 500 ml


Highly concentrated liquid formulation, that can be taken as it is or diluted in 500 ml of water to obtain an agreeable and beneficial drink. Garcinia is combined with selected titrated extracts that perform a fat-burning activity and reduce the absorption and the storage of sugars and fats introduced through the diet, for a global approach to overweight problem.


Active ingredients in 20 ml: Inulin 500 mg, Camboge tree fruit dry ext. 300 mg 60% Hydroxycitric acid, green tea leaves dry ext. 20 mg tit. 40% Poliphenols - 3% Caffein, Plectranthus root dry ext. 20 mg 10% Forskohlin, Australian Cow Plant leaves dry ext. 20 mg 25% Gymnemic acid.

How to use

we recommend taking 20 ml per day as it is or diluted in 250-500 ml of water, to drink preferably during the morning.