Grani di Leggerezza Fiuggi 35gr Vasetto

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Grani di Leggerezza Fiuggi 35gr Vasetto


Grani di leggerezza da Fiuggi is a dietary supplement with plant extracts useful to counter constipation and to promote the physiological intestinal transit in case of constipation, without cramping or bloating, ensuring the general welfare of the organism.


Functional ingredients in 4 grains: Senna leaves plv. 1200 mg, Vervain leaves powder 40 mg, Clove tree flower bud powder 40 mg, Cinnamon bark powder 40 mg, Propolis resin dry extract tit. 5% in Flavonoids 40 mg.

How to use

from 1 to 4 grains in the evening before dinner with a glass of water. Do not take during pregnancy. Do not take for long periods.