Henne’ Persiano Bio Castano 150gr

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Henne’ Persiano Bio Castano 150gr


Henna is a natural colouring substance obtained by grinding and mixing the leaves of several plants used since ancient times for dying hair, beard, nails, palms, soles and fabrics. Persian Brown Henna gives a wide range of brown sheens to white, grey or fair hair – the obtained sheen is given by several factors: the original shade, the electric charge and pH of the hair.


Isatis tinctoria leaf powder, Indigofera argentea leaf powder, Haematoxylon campechianum powder, Lawsonia alba powder, Camellia sinensis leaf powder*. *biologic

How to use

dilute into hot water a quantity of Henna powder adequate to your hair volume, in order to obtain a creamy paste, using wooden tools (no metal tools). It is suggested to add 1 spoon of vinegar or lemon (in case of greasy skin) or some spoons of natural yogurt (in case of long, dry or curly hair), in order to obtain a better colouring of the hair. Apply on wet hair the right quantity using gloves and evenly distribute throughout your hair. Allow it to rest for 120 minutes under an aluminium foil,