Laxafruit 15 Cubetti Masticabili 150 gr

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Laxafruit 15 Cubetti Masticabili 150 gr


Natural product with a pleasant taste with fruit and fibers known for their ability to help in a gentle but effective way the intestinal transit and the bowel function. The practical cubes are ideal to take wherever even during long trips, when, due to climatic and environmental changes, these disorders can occur even in not predisposed people.


Active ingredients in 2 cubes: Fig fruit paste 13,36 g, Senna fruit powder 1,8 g, dehydrated Apricot fruit 0,88 g, Sunflower oil 0,88 g, Plum fruit 0,44 g.

How to use

we recommend taking 1-2 cubes to chew per day. Accompany the product with a large glass of water.