MaxHair Veg.Antipidocchi Shampoo 125mlCE

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MaxHair Veg.Antipidocchi Shampoo 125mlCE


MAX HAIR VEGETAL Shampoo specifically made with foaming ingredients which suffocate the lice and make them easier to eliminate while respecting the cutaneous balance of your scalp. It can also be used for frequent shampooing and it does not alter physiology of your scalp or hair.


Functional ingredients: polyoxylated Coconut glycerides, Sassafras extract, Grapefruit seeds extract, Neem oil, essential oils of Lavender and Tea tree.

How to use

Apply a pearl-sized amount of Max Hair Vegetal anti-lice shampoo on damp hair, massage and leave for 2 minutes, then rinse. Repeat application a second time.