Papaia Dren 500ml

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Concentrated liquid formula with targeted deflating action, designed to actively support the digestive process and the drainage of body fluids. Inulin and fibers contribute to the well-being of the intestinal bacterial flora and promote the redefinition of the waist, while the antioxidant molecules from Papaya, Hibiscus and Pomegranate act from the inside against free radicals, for a more beautiful skin.


Active ingredients in 20 ml: Inulin 500 ml, Papaya fruit d.e. 300 mg, Hibiscus flowers d.e. 75 mg, Mouse ear d.e. 75 mg 1% Vitexin, Pomegranate fruit d.e. 50 mg 20% Ellagic Acid, Mango fruit d.e. 50 mg 1% Mangiferin.

How to use

20 ml per day are recommended, diluted in 500 ml of water or other liquid.