Phyto Col Difesa 250ml

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Phyto Col Difesa 250ml


Innovative formulation that supports the natural defenses of the gastro-intestinal tract with a broad spectrum of action against various microorganisms. It also counteracts free radicals that contribute to inflammation of the intestinal mucosa and thanks to prebiotic fibers it supports the development of the microflora, regulates the intestinal transit and reduces the intestinal irritability.


Active ingredients in 20 ml: short chain fructo-oligosaccharides Actilight® 1,86 g, Inulin 1,8 g, Concentrated juice of Pomegranate 1,4 g, Pumpkin seeds dry extract 400 mg, Thurmeric rhizome dry extract 200 mg, Tabebuia cortex dry extract 200 mg tit. 3% in Naphthoquinonem, Grapefruit seeds dry extract 30 mg tit. 45% Bioflavonoids.

How to use

it is recommended to take the product straight or diluted in water or in another fluid once a day, preferably before the main meal. 4-9 years of age: 5 ml daily (1 teaspoon); 10-14 years of age: 10 ml (2 teaspoons); Adults: 20 ml (2 spoons).