Phytoral Collutorio Fresh 200ml

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Phytoral Collutorio Fresh 200ml


Phytoral mouthwash, thanks to its special formulation, used for rinses, gargling or on the toothbrush for gum massages, restores the physiological pH of the oral cavity and contributes to protecting teeth and gums. It refines your daily program of oral hygiene, ensuring freshness and a pleasant feeling of cleanness. It is particularly suitable for anyone having dentures.


Organic aloe vera gel 20%, gotu kola extract 0.5%, beetroot 0.5%, mix of essential oils (peppermint, melaleuca alternifolia) 0.16%, escin 0.1%, grapefruit seeds 0.1%, chlorella extract 0.1%, menthol 0.04 %.

How to use

after brushing your teeth, rinse 2-3 times the oral cavity with the product, pure or diluted in a little water.