Phytoral Dentifricio Omeo 75ml

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Phytoral Dentifricio Omeo 75ml


Is a soft gel for the oral hygiene which respects the physiological balance of the mucosa, because it does not contain any aggressive lathering agent. The silica particles gently remove dental plaque without damaging the dental enamel, helping in preventing caries. It is particularly appreciated by kids for its delicate and pleasant fruity taste, and it is suitable for anyone using homeopathic products too.


vegetal glycerine 10%, Lemon essential oil 0.4%, extracts of: Marigold 0.1%, Hypericum 0.1%, Plaintain 0.1%, Passiflora 0.1%, Dandelion 0.1%, Strawberry 0.1%.

How to use

gently brush your teeth and gums with vertical movements on the front side, and with rotatory movements on the internal side, for at least two minutes. Repeat after each meal or snack.