Reinforce Vitamina D3 Gocce 50ml

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Reinforce Vitamina D3 Gocce 50ml


Dietary supplement with vegetal Vitamin D3 formulated to respond to the most frequent nutritional deficiencies. A balanced formula that contributes to the well-being of bones, muscles, teeth and the immune system. The addition of Linseed oil, naturally rich in Omega 3, enhances all its effects and benefits. For the pleasant orange taste is easy to administer even to children.


Active ingredients in 20 drops: Linseed oil seeds 500 mg 40% Linolenic acid, Vitamin D3 50 mcg from thallus of lichen.

How to use

we recommend taking the product undiluted, or adding the drops to a little milk, yogurt or a piece of bread, preferably at mealtimes. For adults: 20 drops per day (50 mcg/2000 IU); for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women: 6 drops per day (15 mcg/600 IU); for children 3-10 years: 4 drops per day (10 mcg/400 IU).