Solari Desert Flower Air Spray SPF 20 150 ml

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Solari Desert Flower Air Spray SPF 20 150 ml


High tolerability solar spray perfect for those who live in the sun in a dynamic way, because it can be easily applied on their own and dries quickly without dripping, greasing or leaving residues. It forms on the skin a uniform but transparent defensive barrier, resistant to water and sweat. The combination of broad spectrum UVA/ UVB photostable filters with active plant antioxidants ensures a safe protection for sensitive skin.


oils of seeds of Passion fruit and Grape, Polygonum aviculare extract, Vitamin E.

How to use

spray evenly on the skin before exposure to sun or UV lamps. It is advisable to repeat the application every two hours in case of prolonged exposure, after long sea baths, in case of high sweating or rubbing the towel.