Farmaderbe, renovated establishment in ecological way

The plant Farmaderbe is renewed and becomes eco-sustainable. Last year the work for upgrading the energy efficiency of the office of Pradamano it was completed. Here since 25 years we develop herbal, cosmetic products and solutions for the health and nutrition. A big investment (about 500,000 euro in total) that is made possible also thanks to regional funding received under the measure ROP ERDF 2007-2013, announcement  “Incentives for initiatives to support energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources” for the initiatives included in energy conservation, activity 5.1.a.

Also on this occasion we tried to reduce waste, as for the disposal of old windows and doors that will be recovered and reused in a social project. We strongly believe in the ability to invest in improving the efficiency of production, including through the reduction of costs and greater attention to the environment and reducing waste.  All the shed has been coated with insulating material thickness of about 10-12 cm, the part of the warehouse is covered with “sandwich panels”  coated with aluminum, while the offices were finished in slats of extruded aluminum with finishing two-tone hues “earth.” The intent was to join the aims of energy saving with the restyling of the historic home. The result is an elegant establishment environmental friendly and in line with the natural mood of the company.

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