The seasons of the hair

In autumn we observe increased hair loss: how to intervene and when to worry? Here are our tips!

How does the life cycle of the hair work?

Hair is a protein filament generated by hair follicles placed in the dermis of the scalp. They consist mainly of keratin and pigmented by melanin, which determines the final color of the hair and its reflections. Over the course of life each follicle produces more hair, which follow a precise life cycle: a first phase of growth, which can last from 2 to 7 years, followed by growth arrest, where the hair remains inside the follicle but does not grow anymore, until a subsequent expulsion phase of the hair fiber. The physiological renewal consists in a daily loss of about 70-100 hair that should not in any way alarm.

Why does hair fall out?

Loss is the normal end of hair life cycle, but there are periods when a greater fall can be observed. The bulb that feeds the hair growth is naturally exposed to stress, hormonal changes, dehydration, microcirculation changes that can cause generic nutritional deficiencies or increase oxidative stress. The bulb can reduce in size, slowing the synthesis of keratin and making the fiber thinner, or the hair itself can detach from the follicle and conclude its growth in advance. Even sun and salt during the summer can work against hair beauty and health.

How to counteract the loss?

If you observe a copious loss that lasts for a few weeks, or notice the appearance on the top of the head of areas without (or almost) hair, it is preferable to contact a specialized dermatologist. Baldness is a real disease and must be properly treated, especially in case of genetic predisposition or peculiar hormonal states. Unbalanced nutrition, drastic diets, drugs, smoking and/or stress can compromise the correct feeding of hair bulbs by microcirculation.

Why does loss increase in autumn?

Summer involves a greater stress of the hair fiber from sun, wind and salt, not always compensated by proper hydration of the lengths. Your hair suffers from sun exposure as much as your skin, but hardly anyone cares about protecting it! Hair can thus appear dry, dull and frizzy, be difficult to handle and break easily during daily brushing. The use of modeling cosmetics, such as lacquers and gels, can accentuate dehydration. Also an aggressive cleansing can accentuate the stress of the follicles and cause hair loss.

Our integrated proposal for hair care

To restore the correct skin balance as soon as possible and improve the vitality of the hair you need to intervene on several fronts. On the one hand it is essential to enrich your diet with all those nutrients essential for the synthesis of the hair fiber. The cleansing must be carried out with delicate products, which do not dry the skin and respect the natural hydrolipidic film. The application of specific lotions also enhances the benefits of a stimulating localized massage of the microcirculation. The MaxHair Cres products have been formulated to act in synergy to ensure the natural well-being of the skin and hair.