Amido Fresh Polvere Bagno 5 Buste Monod.

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Amido Fresh Polvere Bagno 5 Buste Monod.


AMIDOFRESH powder, thanks to its irritant-free dermoprotective formula constituted by more than 95% of starch, cleanses the skin delicately while maintaining the hydrolipidic balance and physiological pH unchanged. It is suitable for adults, children, and infants, especially in case of sensitive skins affected by irritation and reddening due to perspiration, soaps, close-fitting clothes, hair-removal, skin chapping, insect bites, sun tanning, or exposure to other climatic factors.


it contains more than 95% rice, maize, and oat starch.

How to use

pour AMIDOFRESH powder in hot water, as follows: Child bath - half a packet; Personal hygiene - half a packet; Adult bath or shower - one packet. In case of shower, sprinkle the powder on a wet sponge.