ArgFango Tubo Dolor Terapy 150ml

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ArgFango Tubo Dolor Terapy 150ml


Formulation with green clay that gives a quick and lasting relief in case of falls, muscle and joint aches and intense sport activity. Enriched with concentrated extracts of Devil’s claw, Hydrocotyl, Comfrey and Olibanum, it promotes the drainage of excess fluids and toxins accumulated in the tissues, responsible for the pain, reducing swelling and improving mobility.


Active ingredients: extracts of Devil's claw 1%, Hydrocotyl 1%, Comfrey 1%, Olibanum 0.05%.

How to use

apply on cleaned skin, avoiding the eye area, leave on until it starts to dry out and no later than 30 minutes; remove with a damp sponge or rinse with a shower using warm water. The product may cause slight and temporary redness of the skin caused by microcirculation reactivation.