Emovit Integratore 30cpr

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Emovit Integratore 30cpr


Dietary supplement of vitamin C, vitamin E, bioflavonoids and rutin with selected vegetal extracts, useful for the increased organic needs of those nutrients, which may be useful for the microcirculation tropism. The combined treatment with other products of this line has a calming, soothing, protective action and effectively improves the strength of blood vessel walls, strengthening them.


Active ingredients in 3 tablets: Psyllium husk powder 300 mg, Butcher’s broom rhizome dry ext. 300 mg, Centella leaf dry ext. 180 mg, Rutin 150 mg, Red grape leaf dry ext. 150 mg, Witch-hazel leaf dry ext. 150 mg, Mallow flower/leaf dry ext. 150 mg, Yarrow summit powdered 150 mg, Bioflavonoids 90 mg, vitamin C 90 mg, Red cinchona powdered bark 90 mg, Blueberry berries dry ext. 60 mg, vitamin E 15 mg.

How to use

The recommended dosage is of 3 tablets a day.