Emovit Pomata 30ml

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Emovit Pomata 30ml


Softening, soothing, and protective cream for use in case of irritation or localized itchiness. It provides a pleasant feeling of freshness and exceptional comfort, supporting the physiological rebalancing process and improving capillary tone. Delicate formulation suitable also for the most sensitive skin types.


horse-chestnut extracts 7%, Cypress extracts 5%, Butcher’s Broom extracts 3%, Hypericum 2%, Alchemilla extracts 1%; distilled Calendula water 5%, Witch Hazel water 3%, distilled Mauve water 3%; Menthol 0.05%.

How to use

after using Emovit cleanser, pat dry delicately and apply Emovit cream. Repeat the application 2-3 times per day.