Fiale Eleuterococco 20fl 10ml

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Fiale Eleuterococco 20fl 10ml


Eleutheroginseng is also known as “Siberian ginseng” because it belongs to the same family as ginseng and because it is native from Siberia and surrounding areas, where it is known for over 2000 years. It is a tonic-revitalizing product indicated in all situations of fatigue and stress and to face up to climatic variations and tiredness that characterizes seasonal change. It promotes also natural defenses, memory and cognitive function.


Active ingredients in 1 phial: Eleutheroginseng water-based root extract 7,2 g, Honey 4,03 g, Eleutheroginseng dry root extract 670 mg 0.4% Eleuterosides (2,68 mg) – 5% Sapononins (33,5 mg).

How to use

We recommend taking 10 ml (1 vial) a day, pure or diluted in water.