Fiale Veravita 10 Flaconcini 10ml

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Fiale Veravita 10 Flaconcini 10ml


Dietary supplement with royal jelly, propolis and vegetal extracts always known for their beneficial effects on body’s natural defenses. For its revitalizing effect on the immune system and the mental and physical stimulation, it can be useful in states of weakness due to infectious diseases, flu, fever and colds


Active ingredients in 1 phial: Aloe vera gel sine cute 800 mg 10% Polysaccharides, Lyophilized royal jelly 390 mg, Echinacea root fluid extract 200 mg, Propolis extract 100 mg 2,5% Galangin, Camu Camu fruit ext. 100 mg 50% Vitamin C, Black bilberry berries fluid extract 93 mg, Black bilberry berries dry extract 60 mg 1% Anthocyanins, Dogrose fruit dry extract 50 mg 10% Vitamin C (Total vitamin C 55 mg).

How to use

the recommended dosage is of 1 phial per day, pure or diluted in water or other liquid, preferably in the morning between meals.