Griffonia Happy Stick 20 da 10ml

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Griffonia Happy Stick 20 da 10ml


Exclusive formulation that raises the mood, counteracting sadness, stress and anxiety. The action on the nervous system combined with the antioxidant action has a positive effect on the functionality of neurotransmitters, bringing good mood, clarity and concentration. It is an excellent support also during diets as it helps to reduce nervous hunger. It’s ready to drink and you can take anywhere. It’s without sugars.


Functional ingredients in 1 stick: Griffonia seeds dry extract 250 mg 20% 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), Eleuterococcus root fluid extract 200 mg, SOD B Extramel® Melon fruit concentrated juice 10 mg SOD - Superoxide dismutase 14,000 IU/g.

How to use

we recommend taking 1 stick per day, preferably during the morning.