Phyto Notte All Night 30 Cpr

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Phyto Notte All Night 30 Cpr


Gradual and prolonged release formulation of Magnesium and vegetal extracts that promotes sleep and prolongs the duration of night rest. In particular it reduces the time to fall asleep and the frequency of awakenings, it decreases tensions and promotes relaxation, allowing to regain harmony and tranquility. It does not cause dizzy feeling or tolerance.


Active ingredients in 3 tablets: Magnesium 450 mg, Valerian root dry extract 525 mg titre 0.8% in valerianic acids, Jujube Seeds dry extract 300 mg titre 2% jujubosides, Griffonia Seeds dry extract 120 mg titre 25% 5-HTP.

How to use

take 1-3 tablets with a little water about 30 minutes before going to bed.