MenoKal Lineadren Classic Ananas 10 Stick 10ml

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MenoKal Lineadren Classic Ananas 10 Stick 10ml


Draining and depurative treatment with stimulating action on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, aimed at promoting the elimination of localized swelling often associated with overweight. Recommended for season changes, especially at the end of winter when it is appropriate to reactivate the consumption of nutrients and to stimulate the physiological processes of elimination of metabolic toxins, in order to naturally regain the balance of body weight.


Active ingredients in 1 stick-pack: dried Pineapple juice 1,13 g, Psillium powderd plantain cuticle 339 mg, Mouse Ear leaves d.e. 135,6 mg 0,5% Vitexin, Guaranà seed d.e. 113 mg 8% Caffeine, Green tea leaves d.e. 101,7 mg 50% Catechins – 15% EGCG, Asparagus root d.e. 93,79 mg, Nettle root hydr. ext. 76,84 mg, Bearberry grape leaves d.e. 76,84 mg 10% Arbutin, Birch leaves hydr. ext. 56,5 mg, Horsetail grass d.e. 56,5 mg, Cola nut d.e. 33,9 mg 10% Caffeine, Dandelion root d.e. 29,38 mg 2% Inulin, Fennel fruit d.e. 22,6 mg 0,05% essential oil. Total amount of Caffeine 12,43 mg.

How to use

the recommended dosage is of 1 stick-pack a day diluted in 1 l of water, to be consumed during the morning.