Menokal Pancia Piatta 30cps

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Menokal Pancia Piatta 30cps


Rich formulation based on vegetal extracts, enzymes and prebiotics that perform a combined action aimed at reducing the abdominal circumference. It facilitates digestion and fights fermentation and the formation of intestinal gas, promotes the liquid drainage and reduces intestinal dysbiosis by supporting the microbiota.


Active ingredients in 2 capsules: Pineapple stem powder 160 mg, Dandelion dry root ext. 120 mg, short chain fructooligosaccharide 100 mg, Papaya freeze dried fruit 100 mg, Fennel dried fruit ext. 80 mg, Caraway dried fruit ext. 72 mg, Green aniseed dried fruits ext. 56 mg, fermented rice starch 40 mg, Papain 100 mg, bromelain 8 mg, alpha galactosidase from Aspergillus niger 4 mg.

How to use

take two capsules a day, preferably one after lunch and one after dinner, with water.