MenoKal Pancia Piatta Fibra Dren 500ml

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MenoKal Pancia Piatta Fibra Dren 500ml


Liquid supplement with carminative and draining action, aimed at reducing abdominal distension and waist circumference. Thanks to its titrated vegetable ingredients, it acts at multiple levels on the digestive process, in order to limit bacterial fermentation and actively support the rebalancing of the microbiota. Bioactive dietary fibers contribute to regulate intestinal transit and reduce tension


Functional ingredients in 20 ml: dietary fiber (Polydextrose and Acacia Fibre) 2 g, Fennel fruit d.e. 100 mg tit. 0,5% essential oil, Dandelion root d.e. 100 mg tit. 2% Inulin, Artichoke leaves d.e. 100 mg tit. 5% caffeoylquinic acids expressed as Chlorogenic acid, Ginger rhizome d.e. 50 mg tit. 1% Total Gingerols, Green Aniseed fruits d.e. 50 mg, Cumin fruit d.e. 50 mg.

How to use

take 20 ml a day, either drinking it pure in the morning or diluting it in a bottle of water (500 ml) and drinking it throughout the morning.