Micovit Balsamo Labbra 10ml

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Micovit Balsamo Labbra 10ml


It favours the natural wellness of lips and angles of mouth, supporting natural skin defences and easing dry, chapped and irritated lips. Thanks to its sweet soothing action, it has a rebalancing action, perfect for repairing your lips skin. Effective and practical to be carried around, it leaves soft and pleasantly hydrated lips


essential oil blend Tea TriX® 1.1%, Lemon extract 1%, Common Sage extract 1%, Lemon balm extract 0.5%, Geranium Robertianum extract 0.4%, organic Borage oil 0.5%, Apricot oil 0.3%, Grapefruit seed extract 0.1%.

How to use

applicare sulle labbra una piccola quantità di prodotto più volte al giorno, secondo le necessità, e lasciare assorbire.